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646f9e108c A Civil War guerilla gang plans an attack on a Kansas arsenal.
Confederate Captain Alan Westcott, posing as a horse supplier for the army, is ordered to infiltrate the Union lines and contact William Quantrill to arrange a raid on the arsenal at Lawrence, Kansas. Westcott meets and falls in love with Sue Walters. Westcott's activities and associations begin to cause the Union vigilante committee to become suspicious of him, and he moves quickly in utilizing the Quantrill raiders. After laying their plans to attack Lawrence, Westcott learns that the arsenal is being moved out by wagon trail. He calls off the attack on Lawrence in favor of attacking the wagon train, but Quantrill pulls a treacherous double-cross and rides into Lawrence on a personal mission of bloodshed, murder and looting.
Probably the shortest widescreen film in Technicolor, this Civil War themed western is unique in the sense that it utilizes some very different themes to tell its story. Quadrill (Leo Gordon) is an outlaw who seems to sell himself to the highest bidder to both sides of the war, and plays both ends against the middle. In other words, a traitor to both sides, and agent Steve Cochran is out to stop him from doing any further damage. He's willing to break laws and risk imprisonment to fulfill his mission, even risking the love of the heroine (Diane Brewster). MGM musical supporting star Gale Robbins ("The Barkley's of Broadway", "Three Little Words") gets some good moments as a tough moll with a typical heart of gold. Attractive scenery and some great action sequences take this from "B" level to a light "A", one of the few widescreen movies released by Allied Artists, the poverty row studio formerly known as Monogram.
One&#39;s evaluation of this film requires a downgrade just for it&#39;s historical inaccuracy. To call the film &quot;Quantrill&#39;s Raiders&quot; and then portray the Lawrence Massacre as a posse of a dozen men attempting to raid the Union Arsenal there and lay waste to the city just totally misses the mark of what actually happened. The real raid had a number of affiliated Bushwhacker groups descending on Lawrence, between three and four hundred men who killed approximately two hundred men and boys and lay waste to a quarter of the city&#39;s buildings by fire. And unlike the finale here, Quantrill wasn&#39;t killed, but lived to fight another day.<br/><br/>So if you&#39;re going to catch this picture, maybe it&#39;s best to consider it another fictional Fifties Western and leave it at that. However there is one effort worth noting; Leo Gordon is at his maniacal best here as William Quantrill. Whenever he&#39;s on screen he&#39;s got that crazed look in his eyes like he&#39;s actually about to loot and plunder a small town. By contrast, the film&#39;s nominal headliner, Steve Cochran is almost laid back in his role as Confederate Captain Allan Westcott, alias Mike Davis. If I&#39;ve seen him in a film before it certainly hasn&#39;t registered because even here, his portrayal is rather bland, especially if you&#39;re thinking leading man material opposite the pretty Sue Walters (Diane Brewster).<br/><br/>So overall, there&#39;s no recommendation that could be reasonably made to watch this story unless you&#39;ve got some extra time to kill. Since I&#39;m retired, I&#39;ve got plenty, but if I&#39;d known ahead of time I would have taken my own advice.

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